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What is all this?

chiplibrary is an idea that I have been wanting to work on for a while, but time had never permitted for me. To put it quite simply, this is a comprehensive index of all battle chips from the Mega Man Battle Network series. Even if you have only played the MMBN games once, you will now that there are a ton of battle chips just waiting to be collected and used in battle. If you are an avid player, you will know that there are things such as program advances, and that the cohesiveness of the battle chip system permits players to devise their own NetBattle strategies via Folder building.

What makes this project different from a long guide posted on GameFAQs, IGN or some other obscure place on the Internet is the ease of use, accuracy, and the fact that a vast amount of information and tools can all be made available in one place. As of right now, the index itself is in the WIP stages right now, and it's chugging along slowly.

Eventually, with the development of MMBNO coming along further into playability, I would like this programming effort to be more than an index or place of reference, and also more of a resource for people who either enjoy the metagame and need a quick reference, or developers of MMBN projects that would like to have a complete and easy-to-access reference with the source code and information readily available.

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