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Written by buster.cannon on Mar 22, 2018 @ 05:19AM



FireBody. Charge shot is a Fire Arm which attacks 3 panels ahead.
Non-time freeze Fire Chips gain +50 damage. MegaMan’s Attack is increased by 1 while MegaMan stays in HeatCross.


Weak to Break. Charge shot launches a 3-panel wide sonic boom that flies 2 panels ahead. Wide Slash has the highest attack of all regular Cross charge shots.

Non-time freeze Sword chips gain +50 damage and can be charged into a Sonic Boom, which takes 60i. ElecSword, AquaSword, FireSword and BambooSword can also be charged for a sonic boom, but will not receive the 50 damage bonus.


ElecBody. Charge shot shoots a Thunderbolt that hits everything in the same row in front of MegaMan.
Non-time freeze Elec Chips gain +50 damage. Additionally, non-time freeze null chips can be charged up to add a paralysis effect to them, which takes 60i.


Weak to Wind. Charge shot shoots an Invis-Piercing Erase Delete Beam that hits everything in the same row in front of MegaMan. The beam has a very short wind up time although it locks MegaMan in place for a short duration.

All Cursor chips gain +30 damage. Additionally, when MegaMan hits a navi that got a 4 in its current HP with a Null element chip, the attack will also inflict a single HP bug.


FireBody. Charge shot is Charge Tackle, MegaMan dashes forward up to 3 panels until he hits something. It also deals damage when AntiDamage NCP effect is active. If MegaMan encounters holes while tackling and he does not have AirShoes equipped, he will stop before the first hole instead.
During the tackle, MegaMan is temporarily invincible but Auras and Barriers will be damaged. As such, tackling a RockCube causes 200 damage to any Barrier/Aura active on MegaMan. Tackling enemy players causes barriers to take 20 damage.

While in ChargeCross, MegaMan can slowly charge up non-time freezing Fire chips to deal bonus damage, up to a maximum of 100, which takes about 510i. Every turn MegaMan stays in Charge Cross he gains an additional custom slot in the custom screen up to a maximum of 8. This bonus is lost upon exiting Charge Cross.



AquaBody. Charge shot hits the target in the same row and the panel behind it. Bubble Shot is the fastest charging Cross charge shot in the game
While in SpoutCross, when MegaMan uses an Aqua chip, he heals 5% of his base HP (this ignores HP acquired by NaviCust), also non-time freezing Aqua chips can be charged to deal double damage, which takes 40i. MegaMan also will not slip on Ice panels while in SpoutCross.


Weak to Sword. Charge shot is Tengu Racket, which hits 1x3 panels ahead of MegaMan. Tengu Racket also launches forward obstacles it hits, as well as fires 3 simultaneous Wind gusts through the field towards the enemy starting from the column struck by Tengu Racket. This charge is similar to the WindRacket chip.

Non-time freezing Wind chips gain +10 damage. Additionally, MegaMan’s B+Left can send 3 Fan gusts from the opposite back column traveling through the opponent’s field. AirShoes is enabled while in this cross.


WoodBody. Charge shot is Tomahawk Swing, which hits 2x3 panels ahead of MegaMan. Tomahawk Swing has a very long wind up on top of having the longest charge time of all the Cross charge shots.
MegaMan can charge non-time freezing Wood Element chips to deal double damage, which takes 40i. MegaMan gains Status Guard while in TomahawkCross, rendering him immune to Status Effects except for Status Effects caused by bugs and DestroyPulse. Changing into TomahawkCross will cure Status Effects including those inflicted by DestroyPulse and bugs. MegaMan also will heal on grass panels. Healing rate is reduced the lower his health is.


Weak to Cursor. Charge shot is Ground Drill, MegaMan briefly digs underground and appears right in front of an enemy on the same row to deal 3 hits with a range of 2x1, pushing the enemy 1 panel away per hit. While underground, MegaMan cannot be hit. If there is no enemy on the same row, MegaMan will appear on the frontmost open panel under his control in the row.

Non-time freezing Breaking chips gain +10 damage and can be charged to cause additional rocks to fall on the enemy area, which takes 60i. The rocks are Breaking element, do not cause flashing and their damage is calculated as (20 × Attack level + 30) for a maximum of 130 with AttackMAX. Additionally, MegaMan gains SuperArmor while in GroundCross.


Weak to Cursor. Charge shot is Scrap Reborn, which sends a projectile through the row that cracks the panel on which it collides. If it does not collide with an enemy or a player, Scrap Reborn will hit the backmost panel instead.

MegaMan’s B+Left can suck in objects, takes 3 frames, and store up to 8 objects. The normal buster then can shoot each object for 200 Breaking damage.
Dust Cross gives the MegaMan access to Dust Chute (replaces Shuffle and NumberOpen). You pick up to 5 chips on the custom screen, then it moves them to the bottom slots of you folder, afterward, the same number of chips are added to your hand.

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